The famous 'standard' wushu & kungfu shoes from Feilong. In fashion & trendy stores they're offered at prices that are jawdropping but here still at the regular kungfu price :) 

  • Durable canvas lace-up
  • Padded yet light sole
  • Original Feiyue brand

Traditionally crafted monk shoes, good for daily usage and or tai chi & qigong exercises.

  • very light
  • comfortable fit
  • strong rubber sole

Shoes and Clothing


Unlike karate, Chinese martial arts do not make use of uniforms. Even ancient martial artists didn’t have them. It’s an interesting thing, though, that most Chinese martial artists wear almost the same high-collared jackets as any other martial artist. This is actually just what the Chinese normally wear.


Different schools will have different uniforms. It has been observed that students who are just starting to learn the arts wear white, those who have learned many wear black, and those who have advanced knowledge wear grey, high-collared jackets. The trousers may be uniform, but students are also allowed to wear track pants.


There are standard Wushu shoes in the market, and these are white and made of canvas and rubber. They need to be light so as not to hinder movement. Chinese monks who practiced martial arts appeared to be dressed in uniform robes and shoes, but these are also their usual clothes and not strictly for practicing the martial arts alone. These monk shoes are also known as Tai Chi or Shaolin monk shoes. Monk shoes do not come with laces, buckles or straps. They are very simple in terms of appearance, but makes for it by being ridiculously light and comfortable to wear.