Interview with Sifu Cuong Hua


1. As a quick intro, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your school? When, where, how and why did you start practicing?

I ‘m Cuong Hua : I started at the age of 11 years with Judo, then continued with traditional Jiu Jitsu, Zen Huang Do , Wing Tsun and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Finally, I met Philipp Bayer in a seminar and he taught/showed his incredible Ving Tsun. I’ve been teaching Philipp Bayer’s Ving Tsun in Arlon – Barnich , 38 rue de l’Eau B-6700 in the province of Luxembourg for almost two years.

2. What are the most common mistakes, or assumptions, you’ve encountered during your years of teaching? 

Each student is different and you have to change your teaching accordingly.


3. Movies such as “Yip Man”, “The Grandmaster” and such are probably one of the reasons many people start to practice at some point. Since reality is mostly not matching most of these movie scenes, what are some key aspects a beginning martial artist should focus on?

I think it’s because of Bruce Lee that many wanted to start with Kung Fu. Indeed, recently all the Yip Man franchise helped a lot. Another reason is that the people want to learn how to defend themselves and also their family. 


4. How can Kung Fu be used in an educational, non martial arts setting?

By practising Kung Fu, you learn how to control yourself , and to understand other people, and thus to respect and get along with other people.


5. The internet has completely changed our lives over the past 10-15 years. We now have access to lots of information (both good & bad) and connections like never before. How do you feel about this evolution and it’s impact on Kung Fu?

Thanks to internet, the people nowadays have more access to Kung Fu but we have to be careful because there is also bad stuff.


6. What direction do you see Kung Fu or martial arts, as a whole, heading in?

Kung Fu or martial arts has still a brilliant future. Actually, in Kung Fu there is so much to learn and to discover.


7. To end this interview in style, what is the best Kung Fu or martial arts advice you have personally ever received and what is the best advice you would give to our readers?

If you want to learn Kung Fu or martial arts, you should never give up even if it is hard at the beginning. Kung Fu means Hard Work and with hard work you can accomplish so much.



Ving Tsun Arlon

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